No More Leaks, Tangled Tubes, or Sleepless Nights

  • Are you tired of not sleeping through the night?
  • Are you sick of your mask leaking due to your traditional pillow shape?
  • Are you waking up each morning with big red lines on your face from mask pressure?
  • Do you want to stop wasting money on pillows that are too soft, thin, or can’t be adjusted?
  • Do you feel like you’ve tried everything else and still, nothing works?

The most comfortable CPAP pillow on the planet!

Whether you are new to CPAP or have been using PAP therapy for a while now – you know CPAP is a struggle! Even after getting used to the alien type face-hugger your RT claims is a CPAP Mask, you like many other CPAP users struggle not only with comfort but with various compliance problems at night. Between your mask leaking, dry eyes (mouth or nose), red lines in the morning & no sleep – you have probably contemplated giving up CPAP completely.

The PrimeClean CPAP Pillow has been helping Sleep Apnea patients get the comfort and compliance they need each night. With its unique design features, The PrimeClean Pillow allows you to sleep comfortably and in compliance with its special features made especially for nightly PAP Therapy users, created to help improve your nighttime PAP Therapy comfort no matter if you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper.

the reasons to choose Primeclean

1. Adjustable Height

Large or small, High or low, come one, come all to the pillow that makes breathing easier! Simply spin the pillow around to suit your preference, accommodate both large and small body types, and works best for back and side sleepers. 

2. Soft Breatheable Cover

Super-premium double knit polyester fabric maximizes comfort and reduces perspiration. Competitive products often use cheap fabrics.

3. Pressure Free Side Cutouts

Reduce mask interference and help to prevent your mask from shifting and moving throughout the night which promotes better compliance with your CPAP.

Orthopedic Design

Pillows have a big job: to prevent and alleviate aches and pains by supporting and aligning the upper body. You might never have given it much thought, but pillows work by counterbalancing your full body weight to relieve pressure from the head, neck, back, and hip joints for repair and restoration from the day’s wear and tear. 

Our Proprietary Bounce-Tech Memory Foam offers incredible balanced support that cradles your head, neck, and shoulders. It reacts to your body offering superior, comfortable support. It can help relieve muscle fatigue, pain, soreness all while you sleep. It also helps promote proper spine alignment so you are always awake refreshed and relaxed.

Pressure Free Side Cutouts

One Size Fits All

A Full Night Sleep

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