PrimeClean CPAP Mask Comfort Neck Pads - Enjoy Natural Neck Comfort All Night Long!

Does your full face mask tend to dig or pinch you in the back of your neck? Tired of Neck Pads that promise the world but damage your skin, torture your neck and ruin the quality of your sleep? You'll only wish you tried the life-saving neck-loving PrimeClean pad earlier!

As Comfy as a Neck Cushion

Imagine the perfect thickness, precisely contoured to your needs, enough to reduce skin marks and neck discomfort without being too bulky. CPAP comfort products can't get better than this!

Relieving Pressure with the Softest, Lightweight Touch

Don't put up with sores, sweat, nasty rashes or sliding straps. Weighing just 3 oz, we've chosen the lightest materials that will wrap your back-of-neck CPAP straps in sheer smoothness.

Sublime Fit for a Deep Sleep

If you worry about adjustability or compatibility, don't ! PrimeClean CPAP Neck Strap Cover Pads match all CPAP or BiPAP mask straps, skin types, neck sizes, and sleep positions.

Breathable Hot AND Cold Maximum Comfort All Year Round

With different fabrics on each side, you get alternative warming and cooling sensations, triggered by the room temperature to completely achieve a zen sleep experience. No tossing and turning!

Cutting-edge Fastener

The strongest and most ergonomic fastener provides full therapeutic adjustability for your favorite sleep posture. Get 1 step closer to an ideal, stiffness-free upper neck alignment.

High-quality Non-Toxic Fabrics

The base of your skull is very sensitive. Relieving pressure, pain or irritation without suffocating it is a real challenge. That's why we use non-chemical materials that are 100% kind to your skin, allowing it to breathe freely throughout the night.

PrimeClean CPAP Neck Pad

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