The Faster, Easier, More Effective Way To Clean your CPAP

Why it is Important to Clean Your CPAP? 

You use your CPAP for eight hours per night. Room air goes into the machine, filter, tube, mask, and nose. Then exhaled air goes back into the mask, tube, and machine. Your CPAP machine works hard to send a constant flow of air pressure into your airways. Over time, dust, allergens, germs, viruses, and other harmful pathogens can collect in the machinery. Then as moisture and humidity collect on the inside of your CPAP, it turns into the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

 The potential risks with unsanitary equipment may also include direct exposure to bacteria, viruses, and molds. This can increase the possibility of nasty colds, sinus infections, and even pneumonia.


Only 30 Minutes To Sterilize

PrimeClean® CPAP Sanitizer can produce activated oxygen quickly to reach every corner of your CPAP machine, tube and mask, killing 99% of germs and bacteria. Very safe and convenient, the optimized design enables faster generation of activated oxygen during start-up and faster dissipation after clean. And the simple design is easy and convenient to use. To use this device, simply plug in your CPAP/Bi-Level to the PrimeClean, turn the PrimeClean on, and walk away. The PrimeClean will automatically clean your CPAP equipment using Ozone, also known as activated oxygen, in only 30 minutes.

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Did you know? The PrimeClean CPAP cleaner uses the same sanitizing process found in:

Water Purification

Produce Handling

Hospital Sanitizing

Portability and Home Use

The PrimeClean was designed from the start to be a unit for both on the go AND home use. While other units are designed either just for travel, or just for home use, the PrimeClean does it all. Many home units are large, loud, and bulky: not suited for travel. Portable units often use cheap charge controllers that don't allow you to run the unit while it is plugged in! That means constant plugging and unplugging and finding a lost cable EVERY, SINGLE, DAY.

The PrimeClean doesn't cut corners, we use a high-quality charge controller that lets you keep the convenience of a portable unit, while still being able to leave it plugged in while at home. The best of both worlds!

Why Do People Choose PrimeClean?

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  • Automatic Cleaning

  • Kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria in only 30 minutes!

  • Requires no soap, water, or cleaning solutions

  • Small and portable, weighing only 7 ounces

  • Ultra quiet

  • Uses Ozone (activated oxygen) to disinfect

  • Requires no maintenance

  • Ideal for homecare, but can be used to clean multiple masks in a hospital setting

How to use PrimeClean ?

Cleaning your CPAP doesn’t have to be complicated, you simply press the only button on the device, and PrimeClean does the rest. Using activated oxygen, PrimeClean eliminates 99.9% of CPAP bacteria, germs, and other pathogens. No disassembly. No water. No chemicals. Just simple, automated cleaning.

Step 1: Clean your mask and hose.

1) Plug your hose with the mask attached into PrimeClean, put the mask inside the PrimeClean sanitizing bag, and zip the bag.

2) Turn PrimleClean on and wait 35 minutes. The working indicator will turn off when the cleaning cycle is complete, and then turn itself off.

Step 2: Clean your humidifier.

4) Take the mask and hose out of the bag.

5) If you have a humidifier, dump out any water.

6) Reconnect the hose to the humidifier (which is attached to your CPAP machine) or if you do not have a humidifier, reconnect the hose to the machine. Turn on PrimeClean and wait 35 minutes.

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